Oct 22, 2009

Easy Christmas Baskets

I saw these at a scrapbooking booth at Melon Days. The ladies were sharing the idea with everyone. I thought they looked really cute and easy. I decided to try and make a couple of Christmas ones. I think they would be cute filled with candy to give to a neighbor or teacher. Here is what you do:
Start with a square piece of paper (it can be any size your basket will just be larger or smaller depending.)
Score it in thirds in both directions. Fold along your scoring lines.
Now score a diagonal at each corner and fold along these lines as well. It should look something like this when you are done.

Then you will pull up all 4 corners to the middle to create the basket. I call it a basket I don't know what else it could be called.
Now before you attach the corners in the middle you will want to decorate it. Here is one example that I did with squares of scrapbook paper. Just really easy and simple. You could go all out though. Whatever you decide to do, attach it first before tying off the top.
To attach the corners in the middle first punch a hole in each corner.
Then bring two sides together and tie them with a piece of ribbon.
Bring up the next side and attach it with a piece of ribbon. Continue working your way around repeating this step. You will use 4 pieces of ribbon. I tied mine in knots but you could use longer pieces and tie them in bows or curling ribbon would look cute.
The finished product will look like this.
Here are the ones I made. This is the scrapbook paper embellishment.
Here is one using snowflake stickers.
Here is one using fun foam snowmen cutouts.
These could be used for centerpieces on a holiday table filled with mints or nuts. You could stuff small cookies inside. They can be used for any holiday too.
Easy and cute; works for me.
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  1. That's perfect! I was looking for a way to give my boys' a teachers gift for thanksgiving, and this one will fit right in to my budget without sacrificing coolness!
    Thanks again!

  2. LOVE that idea. How fun!

  3. That is so cute! Thanks so much for sharing this. I'll be linking in an upcoming Christmas Roundup. Yikes...not long now!

  4. I featured these and another one of your paper crafting projects at somedaycrafts.blogspot.com I love what you do!!!

  5. Wonderful! found you via One Pretty Thing. i think I may make Thanksgiving ones for my daughters teachers. Thanks!

  6. wenaan no emtendi nada !

  7. I love how easy this is! Definitely making some. :)

  8. Fab! Was Looking for a cute but quick idea to but some mini eggs in for my friends easter present!Definitely Going to use this one! Thankyou:')

  9. Thank you SOOO much! These will be perfect for my thrifty gifts this year to family and friends. You've saved me a ton of money..I buy those little tins every year at the craft store but this is so much cuter and way less expensive!!


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