Jan 14, 2010

Sock Snowman Tutorial

Here is a tutorial for these quick and easy cute sock snowmen. I used old socks and t-shirts but new socks would be fine too.
1. Start with your old sock.
2. Pour beans, rice or wheat in the toe to weigh down the bottom.
3. Stuff the remaining sock with batting. You will want to stuff it full but not firm and up as high as you will want your snowman tall.
4. Cut off excess sock.
5. Sew on eyes using a french knot stitch. If you don't know how to do that buttons would look cute or you could draw them I would think. I also glued on his nose which I cut out of felt.
I stitched around his nose because I liked the look of it but that is not necessary.
I added some chalk to make his cheeks rosey.
6. Glue the top of the sock closed using hot glue. Now from an old t-shirt cut a rectangle for the hat. I used the bottom of the shirt because I liked having the hem for the bottom of my hat. I don't think this is necessary though.
Here is my "rectangle".
7. Fold the ends over and glue together to form a tube like thing.
8. Place the hat on the top of the snowman first before applying any glue and get it situated where you want it. Then lift up in small sections and apply the hot glue.
I like having his hat down by his eyes.
Tie off the top of the hat using a piece of string, yarn or ribbon.
9. For the scarf cut a long strip of t-shirt material.
Tie it around the neck of the snowman in a knot. Pull the ends to make them long.
Cut some slits in the bottom of the scarf to make it look frayed. TADA!! There you have it.
So happy together.
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  1. Thank you soooo much for this. Now to find some time to make them :)

  2. These are darling, I like that you can use stuff you have around and don't have to go and buy anything. I have a friend that collects snowmen, so I will have to make some. Just thought, a snowman family would be really cute. thanks for the pictures too. Love, Mom

  3. Holy crap are those ever cute!!!! Going on my to do list for next winter!

  4. Yeah for google finding your cute tutorial. I remembered having these when I was a kid and wanted to make them for my kids. They love them!




  5. Now I know what to do with all those mismatched
    socks that the dryer ate- a snowman family! thanks so much for sharing this wicked cute idea.

  6. I love this! So adorable!

  7. Brilliant! I love them! Thank you.

  8. I love these! I made two for my mom and I am going to make two more for my MIL (and maybe for me). They are super adorable.

  9. Love this! I'm going to give it a try. Thanks for the amazing idea!!

  10. Hey really cute and you can use the colored "lost" socks for the hat too. Just cut them off the right length.

  11. I made a lot of these for a non-profit group I am working with. Really cheap to make and fun to make.

  12. Nancy
    A great hat can be made from an old sweater sleeve. I look for a red sweater at a thrift store and it will make several hat and the body makes a neat scarf.


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