Oct 7, 2010

Halloween Candy Can for the Elmers Craft Challenge and a GIVEAWAY

For the Elmer's Craft Challenge I was supposed to create a craft using some of the awesome crafting products that they sent me in the mail. This is what I came up with. It is a candy can made from a #10 (one of the honkin big food storage sized) tin cans. I wasn't required to post a tutorial with it but I thought that it would be fun to add.
To start I spray painted the outside of my can focusing on the top edge outside and inside and the bottom edge and bottom of the can. The middle is going to be covered so there is no point wasting spray paint on it. Then I put a plastic bag inside my can to keep whatever I put in it clean. If you are using a clean can this is not a necessary step but if you are recycling one like I did from outside I would recommend this.
I used one of these bags that I had tucked away.
Next you will cut a piece of fabric the same width as the height of the can and long enough to wrap all the way around it. Spread a coat of Mod Podge on the can and smooth the fabric all around the can pressing out the wrinkles.
Brush a thin layer of Mod Podge over the top and let it dry.
Next you will want to create holes in the sides for your handle. Now if you are handy with power tools or have a husband near by who is handy with power tools then you will find a way to make these holes. If you are left alone during the kids nap time with no power tool skills and no husband in sight (like myself) then you can try this method (which requires a little muscle). I used a screw and a screwdriver and firmly (and I mean firmly) pressed my screw in place and then screwed with the screwdriver until it began to pierce the can then screw it half way through. I am not saying this is the easiest way I am just saying it is a way when you have no other ways. After making three of these I did think, "duh-I could have just hot glued the ribbon handle to the inside of the can and called it good," so there is an option as well.
After removing your screw you will want to flatten the inside edge of the hole using a pair of pliers. To make the handle cut a length of ribbon as long as desired and angle the ends. Poke the point of one end through the hole and pull through. You could also use wire, or rope to make the handle.
Knot the ribbon and clip the end so that it is neat. Repeat on the other side.
Handle will look like this.
To finish both the top and bottom edges I hot glued another length of ribbon all around.
Now to make the decorations. How you decorate it really doesn't matter. I wanted to try out my new circle cutter for this one so I cut out 3 circles slightly bigger than the other of different colors of paper.
I layered them like this. The lighting is bad but the colors are orange, purple and yellow.
To hold them together I used these handy little things-glue spots.
I wasn't sure if there is a technique to applying these or not but this is how I figured out they work the best. You hold the paper that they come on with the glue spot facing down on whatever you want to apply it on, stick and pull up. The glue spot stays and doesn't bunch up. They are strong and very sticky. I also applied these to the back of the last circle that then stuck to the fabric on the can. You will want to hold whatever you are sticking on in place for a bit or put it up against something just to help it take the shape of the can.

For the word, "candy" I used chipboard letters that I spray painted black and then stuck onto my paper circle. My letters had an adhesive back already.

Lastly I added some paper bats and buttons and ribbons to embelish and TADA-a Halloween Candy can.
Here is the set of 3 that I made. I can't wait to have them filled with candy, caramel corn and snacks for Pumpkins Teeny Halloweeny Birthday Party.
Lots of possibilities with these. You could make them with smaller cans, or for different holidays. Thanks to Elmer's Glue for all the fun stuff to use while making these.
Now here is the best part. Elmer's is giving me THREE prize packs to giveaway to my readers. The prize packs include:

4-pack Decorative Edge Scissors
Self Healing Mat
Retractable Craft Knife
Craft Swivel Knife

Scrapbooking Tape: Repositionable
Extra Strength Glue Stick
Wet & Dry Dual Tip Glue Pen
Permanent Tape Runner
They can be sent to anyone in Canada or the USA. And because I hate those giveaways where you have to do 20 million things to enter and get more entrees. I am keeping it simple-if you would like a chance to win then leave a comment with your e-mail address. One entry per person. The giveaway will stay open until OCT 14th. Good luck everyone. (my family and friends-don't forget to enter)
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  1. I love the mummy can! That is adorable!! Thanks for sharing the tutorial.

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  6. Those cans are too cute! What a great giveaway. My kids would be too excited to get new craft supplies. So would I!

  7. That is so funny that you made those...just earlier this week I thought decorating a number 10 can would be a great trick-or-treat bag.


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  12. That mummy can is so dang cute!! I would LOVE to win a prize pack!!

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  18. So cute! I am really enjoying your blog. :)

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  20. How adorable and creative!!


  21. Cute idea for candy can!
    Gina S.

  22. Those cans are too cute!

    dolliescreations at gmail dot com

    What an awesome giveaway :) (And I totally agree, I like giveaways that let you only enter once :) )

  23. I love those cans!

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    Great job using the products :)


  25. I have to say, I too LOVE the mummy can even though they are all really cute! What a cool thing that Elmers has done, letting you give their stuff away!! Love your blog, love to see the things you are up to and love that it's all about being a crafty mom!

  26. I forgot to add my email
    josoffs@msn.com Thanks!!

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    xo Brother

  38. Very Cute Heather!! Love it, you are so full of cute idea's. I would like to enter so here is my email. annrie_2@hotmail.com Thanks!

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    Tris :)
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  41. Very sweet! I love cute Halloween as opposed to scary.

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  42. I really like the Mummy can! Here's an idea - use a formula can instead of a tin one! I love your formula can tutorials. Luckily, my son will be 1 in a couple weeks like your pumpkin, so I think I've already purchased my last can of formula :)

    I'd love a chance to win. Thanks!

  43. They all turned out soo cute! I am loving the mummy one! leslierose at gmail dot com Thanks for the chance to win!!

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  45. Absolutely too cute all of them! Would love a chance to win the goodies! kittyskreationsinetx at gmail dot com.

  46. I bet you are so excited for you halloween birthday party!

  47. Thank you for showing me what I can do with my soup cans! Love the cans! Please enter me in your contest... Thanks again!


  48. Have been enjoying your projects and thoughts. You are quite crafty and I am glad you were chosen as one of the people for this Challenge.

    Keep up the good work.

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  58. I would so order these if they were on a site. I loved the first one until I scrolled to the bottom and saw the collection. Love the mummy.

    This could easily be done for other holidays as well. Fantastic job!

  59. Those are going to be a big hit this Halloween. Great job.

  60. Since I know you will be doing lots of crafting with cans, one more way to make holes for handles is to put a wood block inside (to keep the shape) and pound holes with a largish nail. I'm putting links to some of your great craft ideas on my websites:


    www.make-homemade gifts.com


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