Sep 12, 2011

Makeahead Monday: Bacon Wrapped Green Bean Bundles

I know I have already blogged about this but I wanted to include this recipe once again as a make ahead idea for two reasons:
#1: these are fantastic, delicious, easy, fancy, tasty, and the best darn green beans I have ever had
#2: these babies can be made ahead, frozen, and then baked in the oven and come out perfectly as if they were fresh (and that is hard to do with all veggies). 
I wanted to be sure for myself before I made the recommendation but I have to tell you we tried them for supper the other night (out of the freezer) and they were so good.  A perfect idea for using up fresh green beans from your garden (especially if you are like me and don't have enough to can but have too many to eat in one sitting).  Toss them in the oven to serve to guests (they will think you slaved all afternoon).  Here is the recipe from my Best Bites friends (I omit the sauce part).  Follow the instructions up to the point where you would bake them and instead place them on a foil lined cookie sheet and into the freezer to individually freeze.  Then bag em up and store in the freezer taking out as many as you need for a meal.  My next experiment is to try the same idea with carrots (seriously anything wrapped in bacon can't be bad right?  I will keep you posted on the outcome).
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  1. How long do you cook them if you're taking them out of the freezer?

  2. Until the bacon is cooked the way I like it-around 20 -25 minutes. I like the bacon crispy.

  3. Have you ever made with canned green beans and frozen them.

    1. I have not but I am thinking that would not work very well. The reason why these work so well this way is that the beans cook at the same time the bacon does and everything is done perfectly together. Using canned green beans would mean very overcooked beans by the time you got the bacon cooked.


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