Jan 10, 2012

Hanging File Boxes (from cereal boxes) Getting Organized Part 2

The second part in my getting organized series is a set of hanging file boxes.  I previously showed you a tutorial on making these out of soup can cardboard crates.  This is the same idea but easier and most people have cereal boxes.  NOTE: these are not durable enough to hold a lot of heavy papers/books etc. 
2 or more cereal boxes (the same width but not necessarily height)
Spray paint (your choice-black covers best of course)
Fabric scraps
paper scraps to match fabric
White fabric 8.5x11" (to make the labels on the front)
1 piece of Wonder Under iron on adhesive 8.5x11"

1. To begin measure up the side of your cereal box (the measurement is really up to you).  On these I started with measuring 7 1/2" on one side (meaning the left side in the picture) and 7" on the other (meaning the right side) but then later decided that I wanted it to be 6 1/2 and 6". 
Can you see my two marks (look closely by the word LIFE).
2. Whatever your smaller measurement is (in my case 6") meausure and mark that all along the front of the box too.
3. Now in a not at all precise or perfect way place your ruler on the markings and cut your box with an Exacto knife.  When you get to the sides cut at an angle from the smaller measurement up to the larger measurement.  Continue from this point all the way up to the top of the box.  Repeat on the other side.
It should look like this.
4. Now trim off the top of the back.
5. Repeat the process on your other cereal boxes.  Notice that the second box I used was much taller at the back.
A simple measurement and trim took care of that.  Now take your boxes and spray paint them-focusing on the front, sides and bottom, not so much on the inside part and lightly on the back.
6. After the paint has dried measure the front of the pocket.

7. Cut a piece of fabric that is a half inch smaller in both directions than the front pocket.  Attach with spray adhesive.
8. Next I made a label to go on the front.  There are lots of different methods you could use.  I wanted to try something I had seen recently on Pinteret-printing on fabric with your ink jet printer.  This is revolutionary people.  I LOVE THIS.  To start you will need to cut a piece of fabric and a piece of Wonder Under (or another adhesive if you don't have Wonder Under with a paper backing) the same size as a sheet of paper.  I used a piece of cardstock as a pattern.  Iron the Wonder Under to the fabric.  Now go to your computer and create your document to print (I just used Word).  Type it just like you would to print on paper.  When you are ready, tape the fabric piece (Wonder Under side down ) onto a piece of cardstock.  I used a couple of pieces of double sided tape.  Now put in your printer and print as normal.
Here are my labels printed on my fabric.  I wanted to use these labels for the other projects I am making in the series and didn't want to waste that sheet of Wonder Under so I printed all my labels on one page.
9.  Cut out around the label.
10. Mount the labels to cardstock first.  I peeled off the backing paper and ironed them to the cardstock. 
Then I attached these to the file pockets with spray adhesive.
11. Lastly you need to punch holes to create a hanger.  Measure in from each side 2 1/2" and mark.
12. Punch a hole on each mark with a hand held hole punch.
13.  Loop a piece of ribbon through the holes and tie in a knot at the top.  Hang on hooks or nails.  I hung mine on the side of my fridge with Command Hooks.
Quick, easy, cheap and functional and not to mention stylish.  Happy organizing.
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  1. Love this idea!! Recycling at it's best!

  2. WOW...thats an incredible idea... love the way it looks...so pretty!

  3. As always, you're brilliant! :)

  4. Thank you! I've been wanting a set of these for the entryway in my new house and store-bought ones are so expensive! SOOOO appreciate the tutorial :)

  5. These hanging file folders you have made are so neat! I hope it's okay, I just finished a cereal box crafts round-up and just couldn't help but feature them. You can see it here:


    Thank you so much for sharing this with us!


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