Jan 26, 2011

Make your own checkbook cover

I was in need of an entire purse makeover.  This was step one on my list.
I got my inspiration from here via Skip To My Lou.  I used all of her measurements but added my own spin on her original creation.  Here is a tutorial for my version.
2 pieces of outer fabric 7x8"
2 pieces of fusible interfacing 7x8"
2 pieces of 7x7" fabric for inner pockets
2 pieces of 7x3.5" interfacing
1 piece of ribbon 8" long
1 piece of small elastic 4"
1 button
Optional: if you want to add a second pocket to one side then you will need:
1 piece of 7x7" fabric (coordinating color)
1 piece of 7x3.5" interfacing
 1. Start by making your inside pockets.  Fold one piece of 7x7 fabric in half and press to make a center crease.  Open up with wrong side up.  Place interfacing on one half matching it up to the center crease. (I cut mine a bit small on accident so mine doesn't line up with the opposite edge like it should).  Press with an iron to adhere interfacing then fold the fabric in half sandwiching the interfacing in the middle (right side of fabric should be to the outside).  Top stitch along the top (folded) edge (1/8").  Repeat with the other pocket...

 and the third (optional) pocket if you are making one.
 2.  Next begin assembling.  Start by placing the optional pocket on one end of an outer piece (on the right side, fold to the top).
 3. Next place one of the two pockets directly over top of the optional pocket.
 4. This is when I placed my loop of elastic.  At first I just placed it there but I was afraid it might move when I went to sew it so I took the top pocket and the elastic to my sewing machine and did a quick basting stitch over the elastic to hold it in place. Then I replaced the pocket.
 5.  Now this is an optional step as well; I wanted to have one of those plastic dividers for my checkbook because I have duplicate checks.  I had one in my old wallet and since I was going to be using this for my checkbook now I cut out the plastic divider piece from my wallet.  I was thinking that you probably could use a piece of an overhead (one of those clear plastic sheets they use on projectors) as well.  If you decide to use one then place it on the pocket (lift up the elastic) and place the elastic piece on top.  I put my plastic divider about a 1/4 inch from the bottom.  Mine was a bit small because I cut it out of my old wallet.  If I was making one from scratch I would have it a bit bigger. (look close to see the plastic divider-it is hard to see because it is frosty)
 6.  Place the other pocket on the other end.
 7.  Place your piece of ribbon across the top pocket (in the middle).  Make sure you let the ends hang over the edge.  That way you will be sure to catch it when you are sewing.
 8. Now lay the other outer piece over the top.  Line up all your edges and pin.  Place a pin on each side of the ribbon and on the elastic to ensure they stay.  Also make sure your plastic divider stays in place as there is nothing to hold it (so check it before you sew).
 9.  Now sew.  I started with the bottom and sewed a 1/2" seam.  Repeat on the top only leave and opening for turning.  Sew the sides with a 1/4" seam.
 10.  Clip your corners and all the edges except the opening.
 11.  Turn right side out and press. (This picture is before I pressed it with my iron).
 12.  Last top stitch around the entire square (this will allow you to catch the bottom of the plastic divider and keep it from flopping open).  Add a button on the opposite side of the elastic on the outside.  I started by coming up through the fabric just under the edge of the button so that I wasn't sewing all the way through all of the layers.
 13.  Here is the finished product from the inside.
 Your check register goes in the top...
 with any extra, used pages tucked under the ribbon.
 Your checkbook slides into the first bottom pocket.
 The second pocket can be for receipts or money if you want.
 That's it.  Pretty simple and really cute

 Happy sewing!!
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  1. Awesome checkbook cover! I'm loving all of the pockets! And the ribbon to keep your place in the check register! I linked to your tutorial over at Craft Gossip Sewing:


  2. This is just what I've been looking for. Love the band feature and the extra pocket.Perfect!! Love the pic of your little family. I could just smooch those two little girlies. So cute.

  3. I featured you today on Today's Top 20.


  4. Hi Heather! Spotted this at Tip Junkie and just had to hop over! Thanks for the tutorial! Bookmarking it!

  5. Hey there. Followed your tutorial with awesome results. (One thing, I was unsure at which point I needed to add the interfacing to the outer fabric? I guessed correctly. Maybe I just missed it.) Anyway, thanks for sharing your talents! You can see mine here: http://ohthehubanity.blogspot.com/2011/02/sewing-again.html

  6. I just made one of these and I must say AMAZING!!! A few years ago I made one for myself, but it simply doesn't compare to yours. This is extremly simple to make, yet the end results are extremly beautiful. Thank you for sharing your pattern and directions!!


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