Apr 19, 2011

Bottle or Sippy Cup Leash

This is a take off on a Martha Stewart idea.  I have seen various versions of this kind of thing on blogs.  Here is the Small Fry version: Bottle Holder.  If you have child who is prone to throw things overboard then this is for you.
For this project you will need:
1 cord stop (see image below)
1 piece of fabric 3x26"
1 piece of cord 12" long
These are cord stops.  I found these at JoAnns
Start by cutting your strip of fabric.
 Press it, right sides together, with an iron and then sew across one end and down the length of the fabric (1/4" seam).
Clip off the corner on the sewn end and trim excess fabric off the length.
Now you will need to turn it.  To do this you will use a large safety pin.  Pin in through one side of the fabric on the sewn end (make sure the pin is not through both layers).
See the back side-no pin showing-that is what you want.
Now pull the pin up with one hand (obviously I can't take pictures and use both hands to do this but you will need to use both hands) and pull both sides of the fabric apart so that you can push the pin down in between them.
See like this, the pin is being sandwiched between the two layers.
Push the pin down, and bunch up the fabric with the other hand at the same time.  Then hold the pin in place and pull the fabric up so that the pin is completely hidden inside the tube.
Here is a picture after I have bunched...
Now I am holding the pin in place and pulling up the fabric. 
Now do it again.  Just repeat this process until...
the pin end comes out the opening.
Pull it all the way through.
Now I am not going to lie-this is tricky, but you will want to undo the pin inside the tube so you can get it off the fabric.  Turn the pin so that...
it is completely inside the tube (NOTE: if you made your piece any narrower than 3 inches this is going to be tougher).  Carefully slide the pin down the inside of the tube (yes it is open while doing this) until it falls out the bottom.
Now your are ready to continue.
Press this piece flat.
Tuck in 1/4" on the open end.
Fold in the sides to create a narrower piece (kind of like a pleat).
Take your piece of cord and fold it in half and tuck the ends in the open end of the tube piece.
Stitch over top of the whole piece, catching the cord and sewing the opening closed.  Slip the cord stop over the folded end of the cord.  I found using something to help push it through was very useful.
Topstitch along both sides of the tube.
On the opposite end of the strap fold over at least 4 inches.  Stitch in place to form a loop.
See here is a loop.
Now it is ready to use-slip the cord over top of a bottle, slide the cord stop until the cord is snug around the bottle.  Thread through the loop end of the strap to attach it to a seat buckle on a stroller or a carseat.
It works for lots of types of sippy cups too.
It even works for a regular water bottle.
No more drinks being tossed overboard.  1 small victory for the mom.
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  1. You were featured over at Today's Top 20! Woot Woot! :)


  2. I adore this tutorial! Thank you so much for posting - as a mom of a 3 year old and with friends about to have babies (both due in Jan/Feb) I will be busy this holiday season with this tute as well as your other for the binkie holder with tabs! I have made a tab blankie but never thought about a holder for the binkie... You are a genius and have made my week! Thank you so so much!!!!

  3. I saw this posted on Pintrist and LOVED it! I have two kids and my daughter is always throwing things out of her car seat and my 6 year olds arms are not quite long enough to reach. I am currently making 5 of these for myself and friends with little ones. I did do a little modification that made it all the better for me. I added an inch on the width of the fabric (took it from 3" to 4") this was so that I had room to add a binky holder out the end! I just took a binky strap from the store I already had snipped off the plastic end that attaches to clothes, and slid it in the tube next to the cording before sewing! Now that it is attached I don't need to have multiples in the cup holder as replacements, it's all about the small victories!

  4. After reading about your taggie binky clip, I'm thinking about making this with tags too!

    Thanks for the inspiration! : )


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