Apr 1, 2011

Past Project Updates

I wanted to share a few updates on some projects I have previously blogged about.

Remember this guy: (everyone that commented said that they liked this option best). 
 Feeding off of one of the comments (about turning the center into a chalkboard) I came up with this:
 I used my chalkboard spray paint and a stencil I created to make the center, then I decided it needed an edge and cut one out of the purple paper.
 I am in love with how it turned out. 
 And do you remember these Valentines Day buckets I made for my girls.  I told you that I would be bringing them back again.
 Now they are ready for Easter.  I cut out new letters for their names that I printed on magnet paper (I got some at Office Max if you are looking for some.  They had no idea what I was talking about so I was left to look on my own).  I added new ribbons (this is a great way to use up ribbon bits) and I added...
 these fun Easter printables that I did on the magnet paper as well.  You can find these here.

Now onto creating some cute stuff to go inside.
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