Jun 1, 2011

Repurpose a Tablecloth Series: Basket Liners

After making the outdoor pillows I had some tablecloth left over so I tried making these:

 Basket Liners
I found this tablecloth in Canada at the Dollarama for $2.00.  What a steal.  You could never do this much with a piece of fabric for that price.  This project is not one that will be long lasting necessarily (tablecloth material is just not that strong and durable) but this is a great and easy idea for a party or picnic or easy decoration.  If you want to make basket liners that will hold up over time then I would suggest using oil cloth instead.  Anyway if you want to make these then here you go.
1.  To make the liner you need to decide how long each of the two pieces is going to be and how wide also.  To do this I cut a strip about the same width as my basket and for sure longer than I wanted.
 2.  Then I placed my basket on it and cut it down to the exact width.  Now people if you want to get technical here you could just measure the whole thing with a tape measure ( I didn't want to unravel mine).  Cut it long enough so that it will fold over the top edges and hang down.
 3. Repeat to make the piece that goes the opposite way.
 4. You will want to make sure you cut it so that the folded over edges match the ones on the other piece. 
 5. Now because tablecloth material is fairly flimsy I put a piece of duct tape on the back side where I was going to punch my hole and put an eyelet.  It wouldn't be a bad idea to put something on the front side either ( I was thinking a cute felt cutout, or piece of chipboard or a sticker even-just to make it a bit more sturdy).  Then punch your hole and add an eyelet.  This will be for the ribbons to go through.
 6. Thread the ribbon through one eyelet, and back up through the other.
 7. Tie off and you are done.  Cute, simple, affordable and practical.
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  1. Oh I love this!! And it looks so easy, even for a not even beginner sew person like me. :-)


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