Nov 24, 2011

Sweater Sleeve Snowman (100% no sew)

After making a few more sweater pumpkins this fall my mind instantly turned to snowmen (I think I made 5 in one week in October).  I had a few tacky sweater sleeves left over and decided I wanted to make them into snowmen too.  I however did not want to get out my sewing machine (my heart is not into sewing at this moment).  So for all the non sewers out there-this one is for you.
sweater sleeves (the whole sleeve)
old t-shirts
2 black brads
orange felt for nose
a baggie of wheat, rice or corn as a weight
hot glue
Step 1: Turn sweater sleeve inside out, run a bead of glue along one of the open edges, and scrunch and hold until dry (NOTE: since these types of sweaters are not tightly woven you more than likely will burn yourself with hot glue-so be warned).
Step 2: Turn the sleeve right side out, place weight in the bottom and stuff the remaining sleeve with batting.  Don't over stuff and I try and stuff the bottom a bit fuller than the upper part (like a snowman would be).
Step 4: Place your brads in where you want the eyes to be.
Spread them on the inside and then secure each with a dot of hot glue.
Step 5: Run another bead of glue around the top opening and pinch closed and hold in place until firm.
Step 6: To make the hat (if possible) use the bottom of a t-shirt with the hem being the bottom of the hat. 
I cut  a large rectangle piece on the fold (this will be larger than needed but larger is easier to work with than smaller).
Step 7: Wrap the t-shirt piece around the snowman's head and overlap to make it the right size.
Step 8: Without opening up the hat piece, slip it off, fold back the overlapping piece and run a bead of glue along one of the overlapping sides and then fold the overlapping piece back in place and hold until firm.
Step 9: Slip the hat back on, secure to head with some hot glue and tie off the top of the hat with a piece of string.
Step 10: Lastly make a scarf.  I cut a piece again using the side seam that was about 12 inches long (doubled over).
Open the scarf piece up, wrap around and pull tight to define the snowman's head.  Add a carrot nose and you are done.  Such a cute little snowman (well I guess technically a snowlady because she is wearing pink).
And because sweaters have 2 sleeves it is only right that these snowmen should come in sets of 2
That is much better.
Happy winter crafting everyone.
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  1. love snowman very cute and simple

  2. I love this and will definitely be making one or ten...! Thank you for the idea!

  3. I think ive found my calling lol Im so excited to make these with my daughter!


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