Feb 8, 2012

I tried it and... I love it and I made it even easier

The original idea for this comes from Make it and Love it (which I love almost everything she makes).  She made a cell phone charger from an old lotion bottle.  That got me thinking "I bet I could use any plastic bottle and make millions of these."  Well it is a bit harder to come by millions of plastic bottles than I thought it would be but as one empties I snatch it up and get creating.  She made hers with Mod Podged fabric.  I made a couple that way and they work great.  But the other day I was wanting to make one that could be used ASAP.  So I tried spraying the entire thing with spray adhesive and sticking my fabric on.  The verdict... 
FABULOUS and fast.  From beginning to end this project took 10 minutes.  I used a dish soap bottle.  I cut the shape free hand but if you check out Make it and Love it she shows you the general idea of how to cut one.  I sprayed on the glue, stuck on my fabric (smoothing as I went), cut an oval to cover the bottom (attached with the spray glue), punched a hole in the back with my hole punch (probably the hardest part) and done.  Here are some things I have learned from making these:
#1.  If using a clear bottle like a dish soap one then don't draw your outline with a dark marker or something that will show through (since you don't cover the inside with fabric.
#2.  If making this for a cell phone charging station before cutting out the opening in the back measure the size of your plug on your cord because you want the opening to match the size of the plug otherwise they don't always work.
That's it.  I think the idea if brilliant.  I love the spray glue method and I am rapidly trying to use up all the bits of soap and lotion in a bunch of different bottles so I can create a whole set for my craft room for pens, markers, sewing tools etc.
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