Jan 22, 2013

Valentines Coupon Books for Kids from Mom

Look what I got for Christmas:
It's a package of 500 small paper bags( 8 1/8 " x 4 1/8") from Sam's Club.  It is just what I asked for.  I mean what more does a girl need than 500 paper bags and Pinterest-it's a match made in heaven.  So I decided that this year I am going to try and do 1 project using paper bags a month (at least , though I might be an overachiever).  So for this month I thought I would show you how to use paper bags to make a coupon book for your kids. There are always coupon books for kids to make for parents but how about one that you make for your kids.  
The one that I made has 6 coupons so you will need 6 bags.  I do have a link to the coupons however they are not rewritable (because I am not smart enough to figure that out-so if you know how please share that info) so if you are good with the coupons I came up with then please feel free to download and print them to use.  If you would like a set of blank coupons sent to you please send me an e-mail.
1. You will start by putting all 6 bags together and stitching through the bottom end  (eyelets, brads or staples would probably work too).
2. Don't stitch up any higher than a 1/4" because you need the full length of the bag to fit the coupons.
2. Now you will attach the bag flaps to each other.  If you fold back a bag you should see something like this:
Put a couple of pieces of double sided tape on the flap and tape it down to the next bag.  Repeat with all the bags.
Then place the bags with the flap side up.  This will become the top of your coupon book.
3. The next step is to decorate the front.  I cut a piece of cardstock the same width as the bags and large enough to cover the bottom flap of the paper bags.  I also cut a small embellishment piece that I punched with a scallop punch and also the cover.
4. Attach these with glue, glue dots or double sided tape.  I tied a bow with some embroidery floss over the top (but bakers twine would look excellent-I just don't have any of it).  I am not sure if I am still completely satisfied with the cover but I didn't have any more time to fret over this project, so I moved on.
5. If you want you can stitch over the end of the cover paper again if you want-just adds a little extra detail.
6. Print out the coupons on cardstock (or presentation paper which is what I have been using lately and I love it.  I got 2 big packs at the thrift store one day and I am so happy with it).
7. Cut around the coupons.
8. Attach little ribbons or other embellishments to the ends of the coupons to make them easy to pull out.

And there you have it.  A cute and easy Valentines Day coupon book for your kids.  Of course you could use the same idea for husbands or boyfriends, or even grandparents.  

Want to print the coupons yourself?  Go here and here for coupons and here for the cover.

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  1. What a cute idea. I've seen tons of coupon books for kids to give their parents or wives to give their husbands but this is the first 1 for us mom's to give to our kids. I'm saving this idea in my favorites for when my little guy gets a little bigger :) thanks for sharing. I alwaysh love your paper crafting ideas. I'm always left a little envious :)



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