Mar 5, 2009

New paper bag ideas

Today is Thursday which is my craft day (I allow myself to just do as many creative things as I can get done on this day) so I thought I would create a few more paper bag purse ideas. I got a lot of comments about them being good for Easter baskets so I came up with a few Easter themed bags. Two of them were printed out on the computer using DJ Inkers clip art. The one with the Easter eggs I made out of fun foam. The lillies one is made using a Martha Stewart pattern I got from her magazine years ago. I wanted to include the issue month and year but I didn't keep a record of it when I tore that idea out of the magazine. You can probably do a search for it on her website if you are interested. There are tons of possibilities with these bags. I also tried making one a bit sturdier by putting in a piece of cardstock on the bottom of the bag as well as on the sides. It really helped to hold it's shape. The sky's the limit with these. Enjoy!!

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  1. Yay! That is exactly what I picture - the egg one! Love it!!! I must try it!!!!

    You are so creative - I hope mine do not look like crappy Easter totes!

  2. Oh I really like the egg and flower one! I have got to get it in gear and get some stuff made ASAP.


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