Jan 17, 2013

Ruffle Heart T-shirt

This is an easy and extremely non-technical Valentines Day repurposing project.  I turned an old t-shirt into this ruffle heart applique for a kids t-shirt.  
The supplies for this project are:
1 old t-shirt cut into round circles (about an inch and a 1/4 in diameter)
1 heart shape
Iron on transfer paper like Wonder Under
red felt
1. Start by cutting all of your circles, tracing your heart shape onto the Wonder Under and ironing it onto the felt.  There is not a precise number of circles to cut because it depends on the size of heart you use but you need quite a few so make sure you pick a t-shirt that you can cut lots of circles from so that you can cut more if you need to.  Cut the heart shape out as well and peel off the paper backing.  You want to give the adhesive side a chance to dry a bit before starting to sew because otherwise it doesn't run through your machine as smoothly.
2. Now working with 2 circles at a time, fold over the circles to make a little bunch (no right or wrong really).
3.  Hold these in place on the heart (keep at least a 1/4 inch away from the edge of the heart) and stitch 3 or 4 stitches up and back and then repeat.
Like so:
4. Without cutting your threads take another 2 circles, bunch and place beside the last ones you sewed and repeat.
5. Keep adding circle bunches using the same method without cutting your threads in between.  As you add pieces fluff them up to see where you need to fill in.
6. Remember to stay about a 1/4 inch away from the edge of the heart as you add pieces.  I kind of fill one side of the heart and then the other.
7. Here is the finished heart.  Now you can trim any visible threads and trim off any pieces that seem to be sticking up above the others.  Also you can fluff everything to see if there is a place with a "hole" that needs to be filled in.
The back will look like a mess but it won't be seen.
8. Pin the heart in place on the shirt where you want it.
9. Now for kind of a funky ironing technique.  Flip the t-shirt over so the heart is down on your ironing surface and then open up the shirt and place your iron inside.  Press the back side of the heart from the inside of the shirt.  This allows you to iron directly over the adhesive part.
Now with the heart ironed in place you are ready to sew.
10. Fold back the ruffle pieces and stitch along the edge of the felt heart.  Backstitch at the start and end.
And there you have it.  A beautiful and simple ruffle heart applique is the perfect way to dress up a plain t-shirt for Valentines day.

Here is a brighter red version.
And a pink version on a baby onesie.

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  1. i love this!!! so cute. thanks for sharing!



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