Feb 25, 2013

Alternative Uses for a Turn Table

One of my favorite finds at a thrift store are these plain old plastic turn tables (you know-the ones you use to organize your spices in a cupboard).  I love to find them, and always have to buy them because there are so many different uses for these.  Today I complied a little post of "alternative turn table ideas" to share with you.
1. Your fridge.  I actually saw this one on Pinterest and thought it was genius.  How many times does a random jar of jam get shoved to the back of the fridge and forgotten?  This picture proves just how many partly used, random jars one might have in their fridge.  Coral them all on a turn table and save yourself some wasted food and money and make getting what you need from the fridge that much easier.
 2. The medicine cabinet.  This basically goes along with the fridge idea.  Sometimes you can get so many different bottles and boxes of medicine in your cabinet that you can't ever decide what to use when you look into it with a super stuffy head or are suffering from a major cold.  Organize them by type, or adults and kids medicines, boxes or bottles.  Whatever categories you like-this really helps to clean up a small space like a bathroom cabinet.
 3. Now if we are talking about disorganized spaces in need of corralling then how about a beside stand drawer?  You won't even believe how this looked before (nor am I brave enough to show you) but putting a little turn table/lazy susan in a drawer makes it much easier to keep things where you want them (by adding a little jar or container to hold- in this case chapstick, nail clippers and lotions) and prevents the all to easy habit of opening and just chucking everything in the drawer at once.
 4. I hate to burst your bubble if you think that I live in a home in which even the bathroom cupboards are beautiful, but in this house that is just not the case.  The point of this picture is to showcase my second favorite turn table uses: corralling cleaners.  It is amazing how much more organized one little space can feel when you put 5 bottles on a rotating rack rather than lined up all over the place under the sink.  This makes finding what you want super easy-no more bending in half to see just where you put that bottle of cleaner.
 5. How about keeping track of small appliances like your iron and in this case my glue gun because I use this in my craft room.  I keep the cords folded up and tucked in an empty toilet paper roll and have this up on a shelf making it easy to grab what I want and this helps to keep these things out of the way of my work area.
 6. When thinking about this post it came to me that if I could use a turn table to organize medicines or condiments then it would probably work perfectly to organize baby supplies on the change table too.  My change table usually looks like a disaster zone with diaper creams and lotions and teething medicine and cotton swabs shoved where ever I could find a place in the midst of changing diapers.  This is a perfect solution-and again you could use more than one and organize by category and also could use little containers to hold small items. 
 7. Finally my favorite use by far: organizing craft room supplies.  This one double turn table eliminated 3 boxes and 3 random containers of supplies.  Instead I used mason jars to hold clips, glass rocks, and small wooden pieces and uses small glass jars to hold brads and eyelets and finally (thanks to an awesome suggestion from my friend) I used breast milk storage bottles to organize and categorize all my colored buttons.  Now a simple turn and I can find just what I need without having to open and unstack a bunch of little boxes or riffling through a bunch of containers.  It doesn't take up a lot of room and it is super functional.

There you have it-my list of 7 alternative uses for a turn table.   Keep your eye out for these-they are much more functional than you may have thought.
Do you have any other place you have used one to help with organization in your home? 
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  1. Glad you found a use for those breast milk bottles--by the way, if you want more--I have a few boxes of them left. :) You are more than welcome to them!


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