Mar 8, 2013

DIY Paper Bag Picnic Basket

I wanted to make my kids paper Easter baskets to go with my table decor for our up come family Bunny Brunch but I needed them to be easy.  I did a few online searches and found some really cute woven paper baskets but they all seemed a bit too time consuming for my needs and I found lots of paper baskets made from templates...but you had to buy the templates.  So I did what I love to do -created my own version.
 For this you will need:
1 lunch size paper bag (you know the "normal" size)
1 paper grocery bag
spray glue
brown chalk (optional)

Step 1: cut the paper bag down to 4 inches from the bottom end
Step 2: cut 2 pieces of cardstock the same size as the width of the bag and 2 pieces of cardstock the same size as the sides of the bag.
Step 3: spray one side of each piece of cardstock and glue them inside the paper bag
Step 4: from the large paper grocery bag cut 7 strips of paper about 1 1/4" wide.  The length doesn't matter because you will cut them to size but if you make them long then there will be enough to make both sides of the basket.  Mine were about  12 to 13 inches long.

Step 5: chalk the sides of each strip-the whole length because you will use it for both sides of the basket.
Step 6: begin weaving the strips.  Use 4 strips vertically and you will use 3 strips horizontally.
Keep the strips as close together as possible.  This is hard because there is nothing holding them together but just keep in mind that you want everything tight.

Step 7: after you have woven the 7 strips together like so (measure it to make sure it will cover the side of the lunch bag) and then cut the strips down so that about a 1/2 inch is overhanging.
Step 8: Flip the woven pieces over
and fold back the strips so that all of them are flush with each other.

Step 9: tape the back pieces down to hold everything in place.  Then spray the back with the spray glue and attach to the front and back of the paper bag.
Step 10: now create the handle but cutting a piece 3"x12".
Step 11: fold this piece in half.
Step 12: open the piece back up and fold each side in towards the middle.

Step 13: then fold it in half again and stitch with your sewing machine all the way around.
Step 14: finally attach the handle to each side of the paper bag with an eyelet.
And there it is. 
These don't only have to be used for Easter baskets.  They would be cute filled with an individual lunch for a special picnic, or filled with dad's favorite treats.
But they do look adorable filled with Easter eggs (or chocolate or cookies would work just fine).

I am going to have one for each of my kids sitting by their plate stuffed with candy/treat filled eggs.
Perfectly easy and perfect for Easter.  Paper bag picnic baskets-so cute!!

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  1. That's adorable! Thanks for sharing at Pinworthy Projects.

  2. These are great! I thought about making one last year, but never did. I think I'll have to try to get one made this year! (I found you through the Sassy Little Lady link party!)

  3. FEaturing you today from last week's Pinworthy Projects Party. Have a great day!

  4. Lovely. I especially like your determination. Making free or near free is the way to go. Your basket looks better than any with a pattern for sale. Brilliant. Thank you.


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