Oct 2, 2009

You can help

My husband is off elk hunting tonight, small fry is in bed and I have the whole night to myself. Is that possible? Kind of wondering what to do with myself. Not really, I have tons of projects in my craft room to be working on so I must get to it but I just wanted to add a couple of posts tonight; this one being the most exciting.
I have had my little followers section from the day I started Small Fry & Co. and have been watching it grow ever so slowly over the past 10 months. It is wonderful to have perfect strangers like what I do enough to want to "follow" what I am posting. I don't know how others feel about their followers section but there is nothing better than checking my blog and seeing that I have new followers. So I have a deal to make: when that little followers box shows me that I have reached 100 followers, we are having a fall giveaway. Can't tell you yet what it will be, well okay, I will give you a hint: they are orange and plentiful in October. That is all I am going to say. So those of you out there (my friends and family included HINT HINT) that are not yet followers, you can help get this giveaway underway faster if you decide to add yourself (and why wouldn't you want to???). You don't have to be a follower to win, I just won't announce the giveaway until I reach the magic number. Having said that, I also won't announce the giveaway until I have the giveaway prize complete, hence another reason to quit blogging for the night and hit the craft room. Something inside me wants to yell out "ring those phones, ring those phones" but only a couple of you will know what the heck I am talking about. Anyway hope someone out there can help. Looking forward to sharing a fun giveaway.
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  1. I will pass this on to my two sisters and then you will be so so close :)

  2. I am #100! You reached your goal! YEAH! I had you in my google reader, but I didn't 'follow' your blog. YEAH! What a milestone for you!

  3. #103, I guess as much as I follow your blog, I never actually been a follower! How exciting! Thanks for having such a wonderful blog!

  4. I've been a follower of your blog since before you reached the 100 point, but I think it's so great that your there now. It takes a lot for me to click that little "follow blog" button, but I love your blog. Keep up the crafting!


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