Jan 29, 2010

Cloth Diapers for Sale

Is there anyone out there that would be interested in purchasing these reusable, super adorable, cloth diapers? I bought these to sets when I was pregnant with small fry and I had nothing but the best of intentions on saving the environment and being the best mom in the world by using cloth diapers. So I did some research and got a set of Kushie's reusable diapers and a set of Bum Genius reusable diapers and then I was going to get more of which ever one I liked better......then I went into labor and had small fry and was instantly overcome with a deep and I mean deep sense of overwhelment and those cloth diapers were the FARTHEST thing from my mind. Keeping her alive was top priority and disposable diapers helped with that priority the best. Besides that she was so tiny and I could have fit her whole body in one leg hole of one diaper so they got tucked back in my change table never to be remembered until now. They have not been worn, washed or even touched except when I got them out of the box the first time as a first time pregnant lady and almost burst into tears at how cute they were. I paid $50.00 for just one set on them and I think $40.00 for the other. I would like to get them out of my home and into the home of someone who will actually use them. So I would like to sell the whole lot for $45.00 (or best offer) and that includes the cost of shipping them to you. You can pay via pay pal or send me a check. First come first served.

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  1. I'd love to buy them -- I'm expecting my first in June -- and I have a PayPal account. How should I go able paying you through it?

  2. I would love to buy them too... I can pay through paypal. cnyda (at) me (dot) com

  3. If you have not sold them yet, I would be interested. We're having our second in July and I've been debating about using cloth diapers. I'm in Utah myself. Let me know if they are still available! trisha at sweetnsassygirls.com

  4. Just received the diapers this morning! Thanks so much -- they look awesome :)


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