Apr 9, 2010

Easter Review

Just a little picture review of our Easter weekend (well actually the girls in their dresses are from the week before because we didn't go to church Easter weekend as we were watching General Conference from home.)
Little Pumpkin Small Fry (I love her hair curly)
The Easter egg hunt at Grandmas
Small Fry playing with her cousin Zach and older cousin Kylie was pulling the wagon
Small fry finding her Easter basket Sunday morning. She was thrilled with these $1 bubbles.
Sugar cookies left by the Easter Bunny
As she would say, "umm, tastes goooood"
Pumpkin with her basket. She got some bibs and a tag blanket
Small fry's first time dying Easter eggs-the real fun was in splashing the eggs into the little cups and then splashing the dye around with her spoon.
Here's what she ended up with-not bad for a first timer.

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  1. Heather! Small Fry's green jacket is beautiful! I want one. Ha! I love these photos, and I love small fry's curly hair and her crazy easter morning hair! They are both so adorable. Awwww.

  2. How fun, I love the pictures, they are so cute.

  3. What gorgeous girls! What SWEET little Easter blessings!!!! :)


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