Mar 30, 2011

Camo Skirts

Last week the school my husband teaches at had Dads and Doughnuts in the morning where dads come with their kids to school to eat breakfast and then read with their kids.  They also combine it with camo day where everyone is supposed to wear camoflage.  It became apparent to me about 2 days before the event that my girls had no camo to wear so I asked my husband if he had a shirt he would donate (he has at least 30) and using this fabulous tutorial by Make it and Love it I made these:

The skirts are super easy to make (took about 10 minutes) and they are perfect for dancing...
 and strolling.
T-shirts beware: you are no longer safe in my company.
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1 comment:

  1. Oh my word! Your baby! She's becoming a little girl. Did that just happen between last week's post and this? Boy, that really went fast! Love the skirts and of course, with t-shirts there are endless possibilities.


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