Sep 22, 2012

Look Who Finally Arrived

Treyson Samuel Parsons
 Born: Sept 7
7lb's 12 oz

 Can I just tell you that I am completely in love with all things little boy, especially my little boy.  As a follow up to previous posts I just want to say that the labor and delivery were excellent.  I got the epidural (the best thing I have ever done), the labor went smoothly, the delivery was the best you could get (1 and a half pushes and he was out) and I feel fantastic.  I am making decisions for this baby that are best for both of us regardless of what anyone might say or think.  That alone has put me in a better place physically and mentally than with either of my girls and I am so happy. And isn't he just the funnest little boy to take pictures of?  Before he was born I thought, "newborn photography...I can do that," and even though the pictures aren't super professional, and it was much harder than I imagined, I LOVE everyone of them.
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