Feb 5, 2014

"What Does the Fox Say" Valentine Card and Other Forest Friends

Are your kids as obsessed with the song "What does the Fox Say" as mine are?  They just had to listen to it on You Tube one night, so we found it and I was sure there had to be something disgusting and distasteful about the whole thing because otherwise it just doesn't make any sense at all.  But it wasn't at all.  It was just.....well....dumb I guess.  But kids absolutely love it.  So when I was thinking about what to make my kids for Valentines day I was searching for ideas online and happened to see a super cut fox craft and that inspired my idea for this card:

I am going to fill the card with stickers (since my kids love to put stickers on EVERYTHING).  It is just silly, they will love it because we sing the song all the time at our house and change the words and the sounds.  I don't actually know any of the words or sounds but as long as you know the tune you can pretty much fake it til you make it.  I think any kid will get a major kick out of it.  I found the pattern for the fox hereI resized it in my word program and then cut out the pieces and traced them on paper.  I chalked the edges to give it extra dimension.  I stuck it on the card with foam dots to make it raised.  After making the fox my mind started racing thinking how cute it would be to have a whole set of little forest creatures to surprise my kids with on Valentines morning.  So I adapted the pattern, changed some of it and added new pieces and created this super cute forest friends set:
Meet Raccoon. 
 And skunk.
And you already know Mr. Fox
I am not sure exactly how I am going to use them all yet but I just had to share them with everyone.  They are really easy to make and so adorable.  They would be cute for any time of year, not just Valentines day.  If you would like patterns for the Raccoon and Skunk you can find links below. 
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  1. Those are sooooo cute!!! ~Jenny K

  2. Love them - Thank you for a great post - funny I thought the same thing about the song - I think they would look great hung in frames on a baby's room wall - Hope you have a great valentine's day

  3. they are super cute!! Almost makes me wish the grandkids were still at this stage....

  4. I was looking for the best Valentine card designs and absolutely these ones on your blog are cuties :D My students would be happy to do them. yay.. Would love to try any of them along with cute Valentines day quotes. they'd suit each other really well! looking forward to more of your creations on any occassion dear. :)

    good day always..


    1. Thank you. So glad you like them. I hope your students too.

  5. Love your three animals... wouldn't they look cute on a onsie??

    1. Bettina, I agree. I was totally thinking onesie's too.


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