Jan 18, 2009

Baby shower gifts

I had a great time this weekend going to a baby shower for one of my dear friends up in Salt Lake City. She is having a boy in about a month and a half. As it happens another one of my friends was also going to be at the shower and she is also going to be having a baby, only a girl, in a couple of weeks. I have 2 other friends who will be having babies also with in a month and a half so needless to say I have been thinking of baby shower gifts. Here are a few pictures of some of the things I gave this weekend to both of my friends.
I made this diaper bag for Tali who is having the boy. I wanted to make a bag that was not too girly but that didn't necessarily look like a diaper bag. I also made a change pad and a diapers and wipes holder to go with it. Here is a picture of the change pad when it is open. I love these change pads. I made myself 4 or 5 and use them all the time. Bathrooms don't always have those free paper change table covers and I don't trust the cleanliness of change tables in public places so these work wonderfully for that.

I made this kimono pj's for my friend Jill who is having a girl. Both patterns are by the designer Amy Butler and I absolutely adore her designs. I have picked up a couple of her patterns and last fall I ordered her book Little Stitches for Little Ones which is full of baby sewing patterns. If you are an experienced sewer you should try some of her stuff. If you aren't but you like her designs then you need to let someone like me sew something for you (with a fee for labor of course). I love her patterns. Look for more of her designs in up coming months. I have a few more gifts to make.
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  1. LOVE the baby changing cloth you made, Heather. That is such a good idea. The clothes are also adorable. I almost started sewing again two weeks ago, and then I can't remember what came up:)


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