Jan 11, 2009

"Who me?"

Does this look like the face of someone who would fall asleep like a little angel at night and then wake up a few hours later crying and wanting to be held and being quite disgusted with everyone if she doesn't get what she wants? I know it is hard to believe and yet it is so true. We are in the dreaded process of just letting her cry it out at night. I don't think there is anything more heart-wrenching than that. Especially when she is crying, "mama...mama." And yet after a rough night interupted by waking and crying she wakes up as happy and angelic as ever. Thank heavens for that. I am grateful that she doesn't seem to remember the fact that mama would not come rescue her in the night, by the morning.

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  1. What a sweetheart! I think we hear the same thing at night these days, especially since our little angels have the same cry! Kinsey falls right to sleep for a couple hours and then screams for me to hold her! I hate it and you are right, it is heart breaking to let them cry!

  2. Hey, I think I am seeing a pattern here. Zachary is doing the same thing right now. I haven't done the let him cry thing yet though. I am not looking forward to it either.

  3. Sounds like the rest of her Parsons cousins in not wanting to sleep but that will change. Doesn't that cute angel grin of hers just make you smile?
    Love ya


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