Jan 10, 2009

Paper purses

I found this pattern last night while I was rocking small fry to sleep for the second time. It looked really cute and easy so I thought I would give it a try. I thought these would be so cute for a baby or bridal shower, or a birthday party. You can find the pattern and the instructions at http://livingcreatively.com/ It is under the paper crafting section. I ended up making it a bit different than the instructions given. (most of the time I don't follow the instructions except on sewing patterns) They made it to be a decoration that you couldn't open up. I didn't like that so I altered it so you can open it up to put candy or a little gift inside. If you are looking at these and thinking that you couldn't do it, think again. It took about 10 minutes to make one. YOU CAN DO THIS.
This is the purse when first traced and cut out on cardstock.
The front has a sewing detail on it. I just do this on my sewing machine. You could decorate the front differently if you don't have a sewing machine.

What it looks like after all the folding lines have been scored and folded. Notice the direction that you fold the side pieces.

Here is where I made my alterations. I glued the front side tabs to the front of the purse leaving the back to be opened. (The clips are just holding it while the glue dries)

I also cut 2 small pieces of velcro and attached them so that the purse would stay closed. I attached them with glue but you can get adhesive velcro.
For the front flap decoration I attached a large button using wax coated thread. I use a large needle to poke holes for the thread(see picture below). Wax coated thread is great because you can put it through holes by itself without having to thread it through a needle. I think it is mainly for scrapbooking. You don't find it with regular thread.

Here is the finished project. So cute. They are only about 3"x4" when finished. Just enough to hold a little surprise.
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  1. I have just found you thanks to one pretty thing... and OMG... I love, love, love your blog!!! Your tutorials are amazing. You are some creative genius.
    Thanks for sharing so much!!!

  2. These little purses are so cute ! Thank you for sharing !

  3. how cute would these be for a young womans "purse"-nol (personal) progress night with a candy inside to thank them for coming. GENIUS! very cute!

  4. Oh dear, the link for the purse template doesn't seem to happen. Gorgeous little purses.


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