Feb 17, 2009

Not perfect

As I have been searching blogs I have been amazed at some of the beautiful things that people make. Especially food. And I have often thought as I looked at someones blog "man do they make everything perfect and looking like a magazine layout all the time?" Well I know that in this house not everything comes out looking perfect all of the time. I just don't blog about those things. But I think that sometimes it is good for people to know that you make imperfect things too. So I am posting just that, my imperfect but very tasty attempt.
I saw these on U Create (a new favorite blog by the way). She got them from No Fuss Fabulous and I thought that they looked really good so I gave them a try. I used peanut butter pretzel sandwiches and hot chocolate Hersheys Kisses (my favorite kind). I didn't have any regular sized M&M's so I used some mini ones my husband got at school. Okay so here is how they started.
The directions say to place them in the oven until the chocolate is slightly melted. I think that is where I went wrong because how "slightly melted" are we talking about? Mine were not soft enough to press the M&M down (after 1 minute) so I put them back in the oven for a 30 seconds more and when I took them out the chocolate just kept melting and the mini M&M's were a terrible idea. This is what they looked like. (not exactly as beautiful as on the post I saw)

However once they cooled and I tasted one I didn't care what they looked like. THEY ARE DELICIOUS!!! (Tali, my little pregnant friend if you are reading this you need to stop and go and make yourself some of these, you will love them). If you love chocolate, peanut butter and pretzels you will love these. This is how they looked after cooling.Not exactly what Martha Stewart would have done but tasty just the same. See it isn't always perfect even for those of us who have some experience.
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  1. Heath -- of course I am reading this -- I check your blog like twice a day...seriously. What are you trying to do to me here? There is no doubt in my mind that I would love these. I might have to try them. Let me tell you, I have ZERO will-power right now. I am going to gain 20 pounds just in my last 2 weeks of pregnancy!! :)

  2. If you love chocolate and pretzel treats have I got one for you! But it involves caramel instead of peanut butter. However, I imagine you could use miniature Reese's PB cups instead of Rolos if your prefer the peanut butter over the caramel... You line a cookie sheet with parchment paper and place Rolos on it. Put them in the oven until they're soft and press a miniature pretzel into them. When they cool and set they pop right off the paper and are SO wonderful! The first time I ate them was at a baby shower and I thought they were an incredibly complex, time consuming, gourmet item. SO not the case! PERFECT for the salty/sweet treat lovers!

  3. I'd try this w/the microwave so you can check the mushiness (technical term ;) easier!


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