Feb 13, 2009

Poke and Pour Cupcakes

Once again the week is almost over and I have yet to post my new recipe. I had one picked out but I forgot to buy one of the ingredients when we went out of town the other day. So I picked this one as an easy stand in. I have made poke and pour cake before but not cupcakes so I am considering it a new recipe. These are really delicious and super easy to make. It is a great way to jazz up ordinary cupcakes.

The recipe
1 box white cake mix + all the ingrdients to make it
1 4oz package of jell-o any flavor
1 cup boiling water
Mix cake according to package directions and bake cupcakes. When you bring them out of the oven imediately poke them with a wooden skewer or the end of a wooden spoon (you have to have fairly big holes in your cupcakes). Poke lots of holes. Then let the cupcakes cool. Mix the jell-o poweder into the boiling water and stir until dissolved. I used Raspberry flavored jell-o. Make sure your jell-o is in a container that you can pour from easily. Gently pour jell-o over each cupcake. I put mine on cooling racks over a cookie sheet to help with the mess. You want to get the liquid to go down in the holes on the cupcakes. (of course you won't get it all in the holes) You don't have to pour a lot over each cupcake. Here is what mine looked like after pouring the jell-o.

Put the cupcakes in the refridgerator to let the jell-o set. After they have set up, frost them any way you like. I decorated mine for Valentines day to give to all the girls on the basketball team. They are super moist and well you end up eating more than just one I am afraid to say (not like that is a bad thing).
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  1. Jello poke cake is my favorite thing! I always do one for 4th of July with the cool whip frosting and then use strawberries and blueberries to make the flag - a little cheesy I know, but it's tradition! I never thought of doing jello poke cupcakes! Genius!


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