Feb 12, 2009

Thoughts on exercise

If you will allow me a moment I would like to voice my feelings on the subject of exercise. I got a pamphlet in the mail yesterday from Pampers with cupons and tidbits for new moms. I was flipping through it when I came to the section titled "Losing those 'few' (emphasis added) extra baby pounds". Here they had 4 or 5 pictures of a women (a size 2 probably), in a sports bra and tight spandex leggings, in a variety of professional yoga posses on a grassy slope overlooking the ocean. I laughed and said outloud, "Ya right." I would just like to say, "Thank you Pampers for painting a totally unrealistic picture of an exercise routine for the majority of new mothers in America." What they should have had was a picture of an average sized, slightly pudgy, woman, in her pajamas (which double nicely as work out clothes), on her living room floor surrounded by baby toys, trying to do crunches while her child is sitting on her head. That is more like it Pampers.
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  1. I found your blog on mormon mommies. This made me laugh out loud. Just hours ago I was working out in my jammies and while doing push ups my daughter (who is now 3)came and laid down on my back. A few minutes later as I was trying to do lunge thingies she was crawling under my legs, and lastly as I tried to do bicycle crunches, she was trying to climb on my legs. There is just nothing more fun than a mommy 'gym'.

  2. I love it!!! This is so true. I was trying to do a little yoga the other day, and while trying to keep my balance with each pose, Hannah and William were taking cars and running them down my legs and down my back like I was their new road or something. It just made me laugh, because some of those yoga moves are hard enough to keep your balance with, but when kids are playing on you at the same time, it was a lot harder workout.


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