Mar 14, 2009

Brown Sugar Zucchini Bread

This is a great new recipe that I found on a great blog: Everyday Food Storage. This website is loaded with recipes, tips and ideas for using food storage items. I had some zucchini in the freezer from our garden last year and I needed to use it up. I have another zucchini bread recipe that I normally use but I saw this one and thought it sounded super. And let me tell you it is. I am no longer going to use my other recipe. This turned out light and fluffier than the other kind and the taste is amazing. I kind of went a bit over board with the lemon zest (cause I like my lemon zester and rarely use it) but it added a nice freshness to the bread and it wasn't too sweet at all. Click on the link to go right to the recipe and then stay and search some because there are great things on this website. If you are a zucchini bread fan you have to try this and if you are not this will be the converting recipe. No longer will you run when a woman comes walking up the street with zucchinis in hand.
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