Mar 2, 2009

Doing a little bit of good

This is a theme that I would like to expand on over the next month. I thought that today would be a good day to start as I came across a blog that is meant for just this. Go here to check it out. This blog was designed to help raise money for the cost of this mothers cancer treatments. She is 39 and has 6 children. She has breast cancer which has spread to other areas of her body. The blog shows a variety of items that they have up for auction. If you want to bid you can just leave a comment and some way for them to contact you. All the money goes to helping to pay for the cancer treatments. If you are wanting to do a little bit of good today or any day this might be a good place to look. Sometimes we get overwhelmed with all that there is to be done. Help is needed all around us, but if we start by just doing small things and pass the desire on to someone else then we can start to make a difference. Just a warm, fuzzy thought for the day.
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