Apr 4, 2009

An Easter Dress for Small Fry

I completed another project even despite the cold that has taken residence in my body on top of the morning/evening sickness (don't worry you will be happy to know I am now medicating with Oreos, in small doses of course). I wanted to make Small fry an Easter/Birthday dress. I know the dress is not in your typical pastel Easter colors but this material was way cuter I thought when I was at a store with a limited selection of material. I bought a new pattern too at Walmart; one of their quick and easy $2.44 patterns. And it was quick and easy and I am super happy with how it turned out. The only thing now is I hope the weather warms up so she can wear it. It is awfully springy which our weather was also a few weeks ago and now it has decided to act like winter again. I hope for more sun by next weekend. If not I have some cute tights and a little sweater she can wear with it. Stay tuned for birthday preparations during the week leading up to the big 1 year old birthday party next weekend.
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1 comment:

  1. What a beautiful little dress! You daughter will be a doll for Easter :)


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