Apr 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to small fry

I grew up on a farm and love the country life. So when we knew we were going to have a baby I wanted to have farm stuff be a part of my child's life also. We decorated the babies nursery with animals and have tons of stuffed farm animals and animal/farm books around the house. So a few months ago when my Aunt (thanks Auntie Cathy) gave me 2 boxes full of farm themed birthday party stuff I knew it would be perfect for small fry's 1st birthday party. Besides the decorations my Aunt gave us, my brother and I made farm animal shaped sugar cookies as well as cupcakes decorated as sheep, pigs and chickens for the party. We also had veggies and dip and chips.
Here is the treat table.The farm animal cupcakes. The chickens were and sheep were Martha Stewart ideas. Here is a link to the chickens. The pigs we made up ourselves using pink frosting and strawberry marshmallows which the cake decorating Gods lead us to in the baking isle at Wal-Mart.
The cookies decorated by my extremely talented brother. You can check out the blog he is starting here.
The gift table (yes I know she is spoiled, we're okay with that)
The "Happy Birthday" banner I made a month or so earlier.
Small fry's cake. I just made her a jumbo cupcake and frosted it with cool whip and sprinkles. I am sorry but I just couldn't justify giving her a whole cake covered in sickening sweet frosting just so she could smash her hands in it.
At first she didn't even want to try it. We all sang "Happy Birthday" and she was really confused as to what was going on.
But after one little taste she figured out it was pretty good and ended up eating 1/2 of it. And she didn't even get very messy (she takes after her mommy)
She even shared with mommy. Afterwards we opened her gifts and in classic one year old style she was most thrilled with the bows and packaging. She got tons of cute clothes and some great toys. I will post pictures of her with those later.
I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you to everyone who took the time to come to the party and gave us such wonderful gifts. It is really nice to have part of my husbands family and my family and a few great neighbors show us their support and love. It was great to have my family all together for a few days and small fry had so much fun playing with her 2 cousins that were there and her uncles and grandparents that today when everyone is gone she seems to be lost. I just really appreciate the love and support shown to us.
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  1. I would love to post a picture & link to your farm animal cupcakes on Little Nummies!!


  2. Happy birthday! Love the tee and the theme...so cute :)

  3. Happy Birthday small fry. Hope you have a good one and a great year.

  4. So Awesome! What an amazing party! Happy 1 year mommy anniversary too!

  5. What a fun party idea!! By the way, CUTEST CUPCAKES EVER!

  6. I love the little piggies. May I use your idea for my little ladies #3 coming up?

    So cute!

  7. To anyone interested, please feel free to use the ideas for yourself.

  8. Was fun day and good to see all your family
    The cupcakes and cookies were good and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.
    Happy Birthay Allie!

  9. Happy Birthday Allie! We are glad that we were able to come down and share in your special day with you. It was great to see all of your family again too. Hope to see you this weekend.

  10. Happy Birthday to Allie. Those farm animals were AWESOME. I'm totally checking out his blog:)

  11. Very, very cute!!! The pigs are AWESOME!!

  12. Those cupcakes are simply adorable! I just love them!!! That must have taken you forever to make them!

    As well, I checked out your VERY talented brother's blog and when I clicked on comment, it wouldn't let me! I'd love to ask him a question, could you have him e-m-a-i-l me?

    circleoflifeblog (a t) gmail . com

  13. We were way sad to miss. She is adorable and it looks like the party was a hit! You are so crafty!

  14. Cutest cupcakes ever!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your precious sweetie! Maybe next year you can make a fry cake for small fry!

  15. Adorable cupcakes! I love the chicken, what did you use to decorate it? I like your beak, feet and red flappie thingie much better than Martha's!! Willing to share your secrets?? Super cute party!

    1. I used swedish fish for the beaks and flappie thingy and slivered almonds for the toes. I used black licorice for the eyes. Hope that helps. don't make them too far in advance-they don't last that long.


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