Apr 15, 2009

Birthday preparations

One of the best qualities about my family is that they are not afraid of traveling nor do they let distance keep them from getting together. It was because of my family wanting to come for small fry's birthday that we ended up having her party a few days earlier than her actual birthday. First my parents were going to come (from Canada) for my younger brother's college graduation (in Idaho) and since they were going to be near by they would be able to come for the birthday party too. That meant that my younger brother and his wife would also be able to come. And because we were all getting together (which we only do a few times a year) my old brother was able to fly in too from New York City. That meant we could all be together. It was the best weekend having everyone together. One thing we do well together is laugh and it was so refreshing. So here are the events leading up to the big party.
1st: Daddy watched small fry so I could drive the 3 hours to the airport to pick up my older brother. From the pictures daddy took it looked like he and little one had a great day (he even took her out to lunch to a local burgers and fries place where she ate her first corn dog). My brother and I had a great day too. I laughed so hard I was choking and coughing most of the day. It was wonderful though.

Daddy and small fry wearing their camo hats getting ready to go have lunch.

2nd: The next day cousin Kylie came and played with small fry so that my husband could do some much needed outside work and my brother and I could get the party treats ready.

Here is my fantastic brother frosting the farm animal cookies. Thank heavens for him. I finally turned the job over to him completely after I decorated 2 dog cookies that looked more like sickly yaks. Here is a sneak peak of the treats.3rd: My parents arrived late Friday night and my aunt and uncle came the next afternoon. We decided to take a little drive out of town to look at some ancient Indian cliff drawings.4th: My wonderful sister in law planned a little Easter egg hunt at my mother in laws in the afternoon so we went and took that in. Small fry knew exactly what to do because she practiced a few days before at the church Easter egg hunt. She didn't want the egg hunting to end. I think we may play Easter egg hunt outside for months to come now because it was such a hit.She did so well walking and just holding on to one of daddy's hands to find the eggs.

Cousin Zachary hunting his eggs.

Grandpa Sam helping with the egg hunt.

The 3 cousins together with all their eggs.

5th: Small fry chilled out and played with all the company while we had a nice dinner and visited together. The next day would be Easter Sunday and the big party. She had no idea what was going to be happening.

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  1. We had a lot of fun at the easter egg hunt too. Thanks for coming and joining us. I got the idea last year when we were in Green River and one of Grandma Teri's friends had one at their house and invited Kylie to come over. I think that we are going to make it a yearly tradition. We are usually in Green River every year at Easter time as that is when I can get away from school for Spring Break.


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