Apr 27, 2009

Random pictures and ramblings

I just have a couple of random pictures to post and a frustration to vent; bear with me please.

First: Ever wonder what it is like to craft with a one year old? Now you know. I sometimes have people ask how I can get things done. Well I usually do most projects while small fry sleeps or daddy is home but occasionally I try and do something while she is awake and this is what happens. I try and craft and keep her occupied with whatever will grab her interest. The garbage can is my best resource. She unloads it all over my craft room floor and I get in 15 minutes of craft time. There, now you know my secret.Second: Dear Martha Stewart,

I love everything Martha and I am a big fan. Of course I would buy any of your crafting materials, that is a no brainer. But alas, I must post my beef with your so called "permanent glue". You tell us on the back of the bottle that it works on a "variety of crafting materials." I have tried this on felt, fun foam, buttons, ribbon and fabric and guess what? It has not made a single one of those things stick to anything. Martha what you have here is glue that holds paper together, that is it. I think you should change the label to say, "permanent crafting glue that can be used on a variety of crafting materials, but really it is only going to work on paper." At least that way we know what we are getting.


A concerned customer.

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  1. I've never posted on your blog before, but I follow your blog, I love all of you cratfs (I'm not crazy!) I'm a mother to a 23 month old and 9 month old, so nap time is craft time. :D
    Email Martha about that glue, I bet they'll refund or send you something else for your trouble.

  2. I find the only glue that really works is hot glue, unfortunately. It would be nice if there was a non-finger-burning alternative, though. Too bad about Martha's kind.

  3. My 9 month old is magnetically drawn to our small waste basket. He loves to hear things crinkle. =)

  4. Prison made Martha soft. I bet if she'd made that glue pre-incarceration, you could glue your fingers together with it!

  5. I bought that same glue and was also disappointed it was ridiculous. I had some broken ornaments at Christmas and thought it would be perfect. Not so much!! I thought it was just me, but i am glad others have had the same issues. Sorry Martha, but i am not sold on this product. Thanks for the post

  6. My daughter is 22 months old and does the same thing! But it doesn't hold her attention for that long. I think she just likes to see me clean up :)

  7. Ha ha! I bought the same glue from Wal Mart and I agree! It really doesn't glue much! It is even hard with paper. My sister found this glue in Arizona... I will have to ask her the name... but it is wonderful!


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