Apr 6, 2009

Thank you cards

This weekend my husband was home all weekend which was so fanatastic. He was really good to watch Small fry a little extra so I could do a few craft projects. Here are the 3 good chocolate pudding hand prints that I got, turned into thank you cards for after Small fry's birthday. I think they turned out really cute. Three lucky people will get these (probably the grandma's and who ever else gives us the best present....just kidding). I just wish I had more now that they are made.
And here are a couple of pictures of how small fry and daddy spent some of their time together. I will have to agree that daddy's does make a really good pillow.

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  1. Those cards turned out so well. Maybe you could color copy the hand prints? Or else use a regular copier and switch your colors to a black and white and bright pink color scheme. Or you could scan the whole card front and www.zazzle.com can make a printed card for you.

  2. So cute! Now get better girl!


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