Jul 28, 2009

Home again Home again

We're back. It was great to go on vacation and see my family and the beautiful scenery of Saskatchewan but as you all well know it is always great to get home. A friend once said that she was so glad to go on a stress free vacation but when she got home the stress was all there waiting for her. So true. One thing that I have learned that helps is that before I leave on vacation I take a bit of time to clean my house. You know it gets messy and disorganized with packing and everything and I hate having that mess to come home too. So if I just take a minute and vacuum and get the dishes done and laundry done before I leave then I have that much less to worry about coming home. Really helps to walk into a nice clean home. Anyway we are back and I haven't slowed down at all. I don't mind really. I love to keep busy. Here are a few pictures from vacation. I will add others here and there. I also have a couple of tutorials to post as well. So stay tuned.
Small fry at the lake. The water was not warm by any means but she loved it. Made me think back to my childhood when we took swimming lessons at the lake (rain or shine). What kind of parents would slather their kids in baby oil so they wouldn't catch the "itch" and send em off for swimming lessons in a cold lake? Bing Bing Bing- mine and many others in Saskatchewan.
Cook out at the lake. Don't worry that is an abandoned fire pit she is sitting in, not the one we used.
4th of July on the road
Wearing Uncle Daniel's boots
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  1. How fun. It is always nice to be home.

  2. Welcome back! I'm looking forward to your tutorials. Small Fry is getting so big!

  3. Looks like your little one had a great time. Good to hear you get to visit back home!


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