Sep 3, 2009


I recently posted about making appliqued onesies using the Cricut to cut out my designs. In that post I said that I learned that it is best to put the fabric in the Cricut with the paper backing side up. I have since then made more and realized that it works best with the paper backing side down. If you are wondering what the heck I am talking about keep reading the blog and you will find my post entitled A bit of This and That. Sorry for any confusion.
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  1. Hi!! I just saw that I am in your "favorites" and I am SOOOO flattered!! I just found YOUR blog and I am LOVIN' it!! I have been MIA since our big move...and I still won't be able to post for at least another week....but I am hoping to get back onto the craftin' band-wagon soon! Again - LOVE yer creative juices! P.S. This is Tara from It's A Girl Thing! Laters!


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