Sep 22, 2009

Melon Cookies

On Friday before all the Melon Days festivities I decided to whip up a batch of Melon Cookies for the family (not like I had scads of free time or anything but it just seemed appropriate for the occasion. I get that from my mom-adding on another project when I am already overloaded with many projects). They were really easy to make and turned out really cute. Here is a quick tutorial.
Start with sugar cookie dough and add food coloring to make it green.

Cut out circles. I used a cup for my cutter because even though I have about a hundred cookie cutters I only have one small circle.
Cut the circle in half.
Using a small flower shaped cutter, cut out what would be the teeth marks from taking a big huge bite (and let me tell you with Green River melons, there is no such thing as a small bite).
Bake and they will look like this.
Now for the frosting. I will admit 100% that I am all about canned frosting. I used to make my own but people, why make your own when you can get this stuff on sale for .99cents sometimes and you don't have to get out your hand mixer. It dries firm and keeps cookies soft. Well anyway, I had some cherry frosting in my food storage so that was perfect because I didn't even have to color it.
Spread your frosting and add some mini chocolate chips and viola melon cookies!!

Here is small fry enjoying her cookie (the redish brown stuff all over her face is the remainder of the pinto beans she had for lunch).
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  1. You are SO creative!!! I love it!!!!

  2. These are super cute. My mother in law has rented a cottage at the same lake for one week each summer for the past 25 years. Each year they decorate the cottage from top to bottom with watermelons. I think I am going make these to send to her this year.

  3. Those are too cute -- and so pretty! I just may have to make those!

  4. I have to admit the cookies were yummy! I was going to try to make some of these and I totally forgot about it until I saw your sitting on the table. Thank you for sharing!

  5. What a cute idea! I wish I had known about it BEFORE melon days was over and I would have made them for my crew here! Hahaha, hopefully I'll remember for next year. So fun.

  6. Super cute cookies. I have the hardest time finding cherry frosting around here. Cherry Chip cake is one of my faves with the Cherry frosting and so far, can't find it.

  7. These are so cute! How in the world do you find time for all of this?! My favorite is the pic of small fry with the left over pinto bean on her head! :)

  8. Those are so cute! I love how you did the bite. I'll be linking.


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