Sep 27, 2009


The other night as my husband I were laying in bed I said to him, "honey, what are we going to give our second daughter as a nick name that would go along with small fry?" We started brainstorming. Here is what we came up with:

lil' sprite
fry sauce
side salad
mini frosty
lil' nugget
small shake
Just wondering if anyone out there has any better ideas?
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  1. How about potato tali? Just kidding. were you there when we kept calling in all those random names and tali got so upset on the radio. he he he he. Anyway, I like lil' nugget, and I love the picture. Small fry is learning to write so quickly. I'm impressed. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE that family picture with the flowers in the background. It's gorgeous, and you guys look so good.

  2. Small fry and Peanut....
    Small fry and Jelly Bean
    Small fry and Lollipop
    You will know when you see her! :)

  3. I like lil' nugget! Let your Dad pick it out again :) too cute!!

  4. Lil' Nugget!!! Just as cute as Small Fry!

  5. I like small shake! Nothing's better than a fry and a shake! They just go together like ... well, fries and a shake.

  6. I like all your suggestions, but I was thinking Small Fry and Tater Tot--keeping with a Potato theme :)

  7. I am saying tater-tot is adorable! Also if you wanted to stay in the fast food thing you could go with...slider... cute, small, and yummy!

  8. I think it should be small fry and curly fry. That is what the Big Potato (aka daddy) thinks.

  9. I like fry sauce. They go hand in hand just like those two will be.

  10. I like curly fry. Especially if she has curly hair.

  11. Hey! I did not get upset when you guys called in on the radio?!!! I loved it when you called in. You were my only callers! :) Lil' nugget all the way. We call M that sometimes, but you can borrow it. ;) Tali

  12. lil' nugget!!!!

    So cute!!!

  13. We still call our 17 yr old daughter lil sprite. That's my fav!


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