Mar 6, 2010

Dear Semi Homemade

Dear Semi Homemade with Sandra Lee Care of Food Network,

I love the concept of this show-using partly prepared/packaged foods mixed with homemade to create delicious and easy meals for your family but my question to you is: Have you ever watched an episode of Semi Homemade? Are you for real Food Network? Exactly who is the target audience for this show supposed to be? Last time I checked the average American women didn't do any of the following:
-dress to match her kitchen
-decorate her kitchen to match her tablescape
-create a tablescape for every meal
-have an endless supply of rainbow colored dishes to create said tablescapes
-have the funds to run to the store for a new set of dishes to create a new tablescape even if she were to do it only monthly
On top of that, when was the last time you saw the average American women grilling burgers on the seashore wearing an all white shirt and pants outfit? I think you may appeal to more viewers if you were a little more realistic and down to earth. Yesterday I was watching an episode while I fed my baby during which you were creating a meal for kids. Last time I checked none of the following were on a the list of favorite foods of the average American child:
potato salad with jalapenos, Mexican spice, cilantro and chipolte sauce
5 bean chili
Cajun spice pork burgers with a sauce made up of: horseradish, tartar sauce, Cajun spice and capers (which by the way you said there would be none left over because it would be gobbled up)
Are you serious? Sandra, please. Pretty sure most kids would choose hot dogs and potato chips over this.
Food Network lets get real. Every time I start watching this show I turn it off before the program is even over because I think, "this is so ridiculous." Lets come up with a show that could really help the average American women (those of us who struggle with what to make for dinner on a daily basis) not with what to wear to match our kitchen.
So over the tablescapes.
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  1. Amen, sister! I agree with it all. I fell in love with her concept years ago, and even bought a few cookbooks - which I've since gotten rid of because the meals were SO expensive by the time you bought the 12 ingredients she required! Thank you, but Betty Crocker remains my cup of tea...

  2. I like the way they decorate the kitchen to match the food, and her tablescapes but they're totally just eye candy. Her food...usually I'm also going WTF. Her cakes are the only thing that I might actually do.

    The thing that really annoys me is the way she talks. Like. This. She takes weird pauses in her sentences.

  3. I agree about the 12 ingredients. I'm not spending that kind of money on one meal. And, yes, most of the time it isn't anything that my family is going to eat. I also think it's funny that she makes a drink on every episode....what's up with that?

  4. I agree that most of the meals are just not kid friendly. I have 2 of her cookbooks and I can alter some of the ingredients to better suit my family. Hopefully they will get enough comments and complaints about this problem and change the recipes!

  5. Stalker here from Char's blog-

    Um my question is WHY does she have to have an alcoholic drink for every meal?? This confuses me...does she HAVE to drink to make it through the meal?? Just askin

  6. AMEN to that! And I totally agree with Lyns about the alcohol...has she considered AA?

  7. Heather -- this is why we are friends! I totally feel the same way. It took me awhile to realize that her kitchen was redecorated every episode and she dressed to match. Also, I get sick of seeing her cleavage constantly? Is it just me? Her newer show "Money Saving Meals" is a little better - have you seen that one?

  8. Furthermore, not every american woman is a drunk. She is all about her coctail time!!! Also, I would like to point out that when she decorates cookies and cupcakes with her ziptop bag method, the ones she does on camera always turn out like crap. We all know that an assistant painstakingly piped those cookies at least 2 hours before the show. I'm sorry, but they will never look good when done with a ziplock bag. Perhaps thats why she needs the coctail, to make her lines look straighter!

  9. heheheheh.. this post really made me SMILE HUGE! I've never seen the show but I sure would like to have an endless array of colorful dishes and I wouldn't mind a tablescape for every meal... but ya, ummmm not happening in this life time. You seriously NEVER know who is reading your blog and who knows maybe someday the show will GET REAL! I'd love to now your heartfelt thoughts on Martha. :)


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