Mar 10, 2010

Dear Walmart

Dear Super Walmart,
The only thing that was super about you today was your long lines (seriously people 4 cashiers open on a Wed afternoon-maybe if it was 10:00pm I would understand but you had over 5 people at each line-is that not telling you something?), the super tantrum small fry threw while we were WAITING in the pharmacy, and the super huge hole I wanted to dig and bury myself in during said tantrum. The tantrum really isn't your fault but it feels better if I blame it on you. Something about your store makes me want to ram my cart into a lamp post every time I leave. You keep getting my money only because you are my only option big blue-just remember that.

SUPER Frustrated.
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  1. Sucks when you don't have many choices huh? The only choice we have here in my small town is Family Dollar or Dollar General.

  2. Our little one threw a fit at Walmart once...hubby and I were totally embarrassed that for once our kid was the most obnoxious there! I try to avoid it if at all possible because I don't even make it into the parking lot before I want to start bashing things. Something about that place that makes me feel violent:)

  3. I feel your pain-we only have a regular walmart (super walmart being built though). What I wouldn't give for a nice target or meijer.


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