Sep 11, 2009

Small Fry gets a trim

Though the shag hair cut seems to be popular with teenagers right now I decided it was time small fry got a bangs trim so we could see her beautiful blue eyes better. It was an ordeal just like last time and if you look really close (okay well you don't even have to get that close) they are super uneven (as my friends mom would say, "it's popular somewhere") but she looks just as darling as ever and a bit more grown up with her knew do. I would never think of paying money to have someone else go through the hastle of trying to cut her hair right now. I don' t think many hair salons have a variety of elk hunting videos to distract her either. When she is older she will probably wonder why her hair didn't look better but for now she is as happy as ever.
Before-shaggy hair sweetie in her new sandbox daddy built her the day I was canning peaches (he wanted me to mention that he was occupied in a good cause that day, not just hiding out so he didn't have to help)
And after

The only way I could get a picture of her actually looking somewhat at the camera was on the swings at the park. Oh the things a mother will do.
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1 comment:

  1. She is too cute--I never cut my girl's hair. My daughter was 5 before she got a haircut, and my youngest is 3 and has never had one. Is that bad--lol!!


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