Oct 3, 2009

Sale, Sale, Sale part 2

Here is the last of the baby stuff that I have left over to sell.

Wooden signs: $5.00 each (Miracle Sign SOLD)
Folded Change Pads: (sorry the bright colored farm animal ones are gone) $10.00 each
Change Pad Clutch: Wipes case included $15.00 Designed to fit around a wipes case and 2 diapers for easy grab and go changing. (brown with blue polka dots spoken for)
Here is what a change pad clutch looks like opened. I know some people said they seemed too big when folded. If you like the print of one but are worried about the size here is a solution:

Fold it this way instead and then when it is folded up it looks like this:
The only thing is that it will be too bulky to fold a diaper or two into it.
Baby is sleeping signs: $4.00
Cupcake Burp Cloth Set: Boy, two green with animal paws and one solid brown burp cloth. $ 8.00 Packaging included (SOLD)
Cupcake Burp Cloth Set: Boy, 2 blue with puppy dogs and one solid brown burp cloth. $8.00 Packaging included. (SOLD)
Cupcake Burp Cloth Set: Girl, two pink flower and one solid yellow burp cloth. $8.00 Packaging included. (SOLD)
Silk flower hair clips: $4.00 each
Silk Flower hair clip sets: $4.00 each
Ribbon bow Hair Clip sets: $3.00 each
Loop style binkie clips (for binkies that have only a small hole to attach a clip to) $2.00 each
Binkie clips with a snap: $2.00 each
0-6 month size booties: $8.00 each (elastic heels)
Hair bows organizers: $8.00 each (they stand on their own or can be hung on the wall. Size is 8X10) (white background one is spoken for)
Covered wipes cases: $4.00 each
Diapers and wipes holders: $4.00 each (white background is spoken for)
Nursing cover: Fabric says words like "adorable, baby, nice, love, sweet, cute, I love you." $15.00
Set of 4 glasses spelling out BABY: great for holding cotton swabs, nursing pads, baby scissors and nail clippers. Set of 4 is $6.00 (Spoken for)
If you are interested in any of these items leave me a comment or send me and e-mail at thecanuck8athotmaildotcom I have a pay pal account or you can send a check in the mail.
Thanks a million.
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  1. I am interested in the Wooden Miracle sign and also the Cupcake Burp Cloth Set: Boy 2 green with paws!!


  2. I just came across your blog and you have such creative things!!!! I am interested in the other cupcake burp cloth sets, 1 Boy & 1 Girl. How much is shipping on top of the $8.00 fee (which feels like a STEAL!!!!) Thanks for sharing your talents!!!

  3. You have such cute things. I would like a hair clip organizer, $8.00. The one with a white background and a diaper and wipes holder, $4.00, The one with the white background. Let me know what the shipping is. Thanks. Do you still have my email address?

  4. Got these orders so far. I will get an e-mail out to each of you. Thanks

  5. I would like the brown and green poka dot changing pad and the BABY glasses. funky_janay@hotmail.com

  6. Heather,
    If you have a boy and a girl burp cloth set I would love to have them. Let me know.
    Dale Ann

  7. Heather I know this is an old post but............ I was wondering if you still had any cupcake sets (girls or boys) and if you had any diaper changing clutches... I hope you do.. I know Im behind but.. I thought I would ask:) e-mail tknielson@hotmail.com thanks


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