Dec 15, 2009


Would this make anyone else feel a little uneasy? This is what we found when we opened our newly purchased package of diapers. My first thought was terrorists.

It's a big wooden stick shoved through the package top.
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  1. It's hard to see exactly what it is. What is it? Did you take them back??

  2. UMMM is right. That is too weird. I don't know what to think.

  3. Oh man, if you call the company to complain they will send you free stuff, guaranteed! Happens to me all the time. The cherry pit in the granola bar, the moldy dried beans, the opened mayonnaise, the 1 year past date cookies. Call them up!

    Consumer scam detector in Ottawa

  4. That is really wierd, but I would do what anonymous said and call the company to complain.


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