Jan 26, 2010


It has been a slow craft week at my house, so you will have to enjoy some small fry and sweet pea pictures for now. This past Saturday was a big basketball game and so it was all things basketball at our house and small fry was super excited all morning. It was just one of those days when everything seemed to go right. She was the cutest doll a mother could ask for and was so happy all morning and even all day at basketball games and she was still going well into the evening: singing, dancing and cheering. What a great day. She even entertained many a fan at the game during half time dancing to the music on the side lines. I am waiting for the day she runs out to center court and does her own little routine with not a care in the world. Here are a few snapshots of the cheerleading action as she warmed up at home before the big game.

Sweet Pea even got in on the cheering when we got home from Basketball. She grabbed onto those pom poms and was just waving her hand as hard as she could. GO PIRATES!!!!
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