Jan 22, 2010

New Names

The other day while I was sewing I was thinking of all the new names I could come up with if I was to rename my blog. Here are a few:
-Warp Speed Crafting (since most of my projects are done while a child is napping or water is boiling, or an episode of Dora is being watched. They are not the leisurely craft projects one might wish for)
-Done in "Elmo's World" or Less (for the same reason as above, most of what I do has to be kept to 20 minute increments or the length of the ever so popular Elmo's world at our house)
-Laundry Room Crafts (which is where my craft room now resides-a small squishy space with poor lighting but I am grateful for it just the same)
-Done with Strings on the Floor (I never get my strings in the trash can, I always have a little pile right under my feet when I complete a project)
-Will I ever get my brain out of this blender (just because I feel like my brain is constantly stuck in an on going whirlwind and though I once felt like I was able to keep track of things using my brain alone, that ability seems to have been lost entirely with pregnancy and the birthing process not to mention child rearing.)
-Craft Therapy (because that's what it is for me)
-Mommy's Timeout (because that is also what it is for me)
and finally
-Done, after many interruptions (I have an almost 2 year old-no explanations needed right).
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  1. Ha!
    I vote for "Done, after many interruptions"
    I can so relate :)

  2. Craft Therapy could be an alternative name for my blog. My dh would vote for Strings on the Floor as I always have a mess when I am done.

  3. That's a hard decision! They are all so cute and clever! You should create a poll on the side of your blog!

    I love your blog! Your girls are ADORABLE! We have nominated you for a Lemonade Stand Award!


    Melissa @ http://weluv2craft.blogspot.com/

  4. I like "Mommy's Time Out", because that's what we need. In my down time or the time I have to do things for me, I love to craft also. I guess you could say our "time out" chair is our craft rooms.

  5. I like Mommy's time out and Done after many interuptions. Both really cute


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