Jan 20, 2010

Why didn't I think of this sooner

Once again am I the last person on earth to think of this? You buy a frozen cheese pizza from the grocery store (ranging from $3.00-$6.00) and bring it home to your freezer. When you are in the mood for pizza you pull that sucker out and add your own toppings (as much as you want) and bake that sucker. HELLO!!! How easy is that. Totally customizable, totally easy, totally cheap (most importantly).
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  1. Actually as much as we love pizza I am not sure why I didn't do this either. It would save the grated cheese part :)

  2. I've never thought of that either, but if you have to top it that just sounds like work :)

  3. Oh no...really? I do it all the time! Okay..not all the time..but often! I'm especially lazy over the weekend...so a home done pizza goes down well with me. And you're right..it's so cheap..and most of the time tastes better than the bought ones anyway!
    I discovered your blog the other day. I just LOVE it!

  4. best idea thanks so much, never would have thought of that

  5. I've never thought of that before either. What a great idea!

  6. if you are in the mood for fresh pizza most pizza places will sell you just the dough. here in new york i go to the local pizza place and buy a ball of dough for $2.50. then take it home, cut it in half, make myself a pizza with pasta sauce and whatever else is in the fridge and freeze the rest. or make a whole meal out of it, and use the other half to make donuts. cut, fry and dredge in cinnamon sugar. Ball of dough, $2.50, possibilities, priceless!!!


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