Feb 11, 2010

101 reasons I love you part 2

After I posted about the 101 reasons I love you idea for your spouse I had a great idea to make a list for each of my girls and to make it a tradition each Valentines day. I could then make them into a book for each one. It was pretty easy to come up with a list for small fry but my list for my little pumpkin was much shorter as she just doesn't do much yet. But she will soon. It is kind of a good way to recap the things they have learned through the year. I know they will be real treasures to them someday too. I have a few letters that my parents wrote to me at different times about me as a baby and their feelings about me as a baby and as a child and I can't even read them still because they make me cry too much. So I think this would be a really nice keepsake/tradition to start. And a pretty easy one too.
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