Mar 1, 2010

Recipe Reviews

I have been meaning to post some recent recipes I have tried and thought, "why not just put them all in one big post." So here goes.

1. Soft Breadsticks. Go here for the recipe. I wanted to make some breadsticks a while ago with a pasta meal we were having. It was a last minute idea so I needed something that would be quick. I searched and found these. They were super easy and turned out SO DELICIOUS!!! I added some garlic powder to my melted butter to make them into garlic breadsticks and they were perfect.

2. Pizza Crust. I have posted already my idea for buying the frozen cheese pizzas and then adding all the toppings you want to make your own pizza. But if you want to make a pizza from scratch then this is a great crust recipe. I have had miserable pizza crusts before I found this recipe. This turns out fluffy and has great flavor. WARNING: the recipe makes a HUGE amount. Even when halved it is enough for two huge pizzas. So read and plan accordingly. Go here for the recipe.

3. Mini Beef Loaves. Despite my firm belief that no meat should ever be "loafed" I must say I am a fan of these mini beef loaves. They are kind of like meat loaves only in my opinion better. I am not a meat loaf fan (something about the consistency of the red tomato sauce on the top and the way it slices-blahhhhh) but these I like. They are mini which means they cook up super fast, and there is no need to slice it. I like that it is served with gravy instead of tomato sauce. And I even made it with gravy from a jar (I can hear my brothers gasp in horror) and I really liked it. My only suggestion is to use more gravy than the recipe calls for because there was not enough for the beef loaves and the mashed potatoes if following the recipe. Go here for the recipe.

4. Blender Wheat Waffles. Okay so this is part of my on going effort to keep you from being possibly the last person on earth to try or hear about something. If you are like me then maybe you have some wheat in your food storage because a book or a list said you should (mine was given to me as a bridal shower gift) and also if you are like me then you have probably thought, "I don't know what the heck I am going to do with this wheat." I don't have a wheat grinder (though one is now on it's way thanks to my mom and dad) and I didn't have any intention previously of grinding my own wheat and I didn't have any idea otherwise how to use my wheat so there in my food storage it sat. That is until I found this recipe on Everyday Food storage Recipes. Net. You can make your own waffle batter with wheat in your blender. GET OUT OF TOWN!!! I thought it would taste terrible and in my typical fashion didn't want to try it. I just didn't think it would work or be very good. Then I decided one day that I had to try and use some of this wheat even if it was just 1 cup and so I made this recipe and they are TO DIE FOR!!! They are so good. You definitely have to blend them for a long enough time or you will have crunchy waffles. I felt so healthy eating them. My tidbit is this: I didn't think they froze well and making a 1/2 batch doesn't work so if you only want a few make the full recipe and keep the extra batter in the refrigerator and use the next day. I kept it for 2 days and it still tasted great. They are really good with butter and rich syrup. So if you are like me and don't have a clue what to do with that wheat you know you are supposed to have, or you feel like you should get some wheat but don't know how you would use it: NOW YOU HAVE AT LEAST ONE WAY!!!
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  1. I have been looking for homemade pizza crust--definitely going to give it a try.


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