Mar 27, 2010

White Bean Sneaky Recipes #2

Yesterday I had Stitching Bee at my house and we always have treats and of course I still have 9 cups of overcooked white beans to use up so I thought I best just keep trying recipes. I tried cupcakes with white bean puree. You use a regular yellow cake mix, but instead of using oil you use 1/3 cup of white bean puree, 1 cup of water and 3 eggs. Mix it the way you normally do a cake mix and what do you get......DELICIOUSNESS that is what. I was shocked. I must admit I made these totally preparing myself to throw the whole batch away. After the oatmeal cookies that didn't look so good but tasted great I was thinking the cupcakes were going to be like little hockey pucks but they were perfect. They weren't as moist as regular cupcakes but I actually liked them better because they were a bit sturdier than a normal cupcake (and therefore could hold up under the weight of a healthy portion of frosting much better). If you want to be sneaky-this is a great one. To make the bean puree you just put your cooked beans in a blender and add just enough water to make a thick and creamy paste. Remember to reduce the water amount in the cake mix down to 1 cup instead of the normal amount which I think is usually 1 1/4 cups. It is not like adding a 1/3 cup of white beans makes cupcakes now the worlds healthiest food but it makes them really cool that they have protein and fiber in them and less fat and your kids wouldn't even know. TRUST ME on this one. You have to try it. I got the recipe from the cookbook "I Can't Believe it's Food Storage". You can check out all her recipes at
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  1. great idea!! I need to try that! New Follower!

  2. I need to try these too! I have a box of cake mix just begging for it!

  3. I am excited to try it! I have read her book , I wish I would have bought it when I saw it at Costco. Sarah Jane


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